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Do the GO Program!

I am already half way through my six month stay in Japan and I don’t want to leave! I originally applied to go to Tokyo and was a little disappointed […]

Jolene in the Czech Republic

Czech it out! I have been in Brno, in the Czech Republic, for almost two months now. And I love it! The town is beautiful and the culture is so […]

Malcolm in Spain

Hola from Spain The great thing about studying in Europe is how accessible the rest of the continent is. A friend took a short break from the prevailing Swedish winter […]

Rosie in Spain

I have had a desire to learn Spanish ever since I first came to Spain when I was 10. I thought I was pretty good at the language, but arriving […]

Welcome to USC International

Explore the world through the eyes of USC’s GO Program and international students, learn what studying on exchange is really like and follow your friends as they have the experience […]