GO program

Ben in the U.S.A

    PART1: I landed in Los Angles after the best flight I’ve ever had! At the terminal in Fiji about to board my flight to LA, I scanned my boarding pass and I got beeped by the machine. I was a little bit nervous but then the lady said […]

Renee in Cambodia

Cambodia: hot, humid, cheap, devastated by a very recent tragic history, phenomenally enriched with magnificent natural and cultural assets. A unique and unforgettable experience to say the least. My short-term GO Program experience took me to Cambodia in April, 2014. Ten USC students and three staff partook in this field […]

Sophie in New York!

It didn’t really sink in that I was living and studying in New York until one afternoon a few Norwegian girls that I had met at college (Adelphi University) took me to the rooftop of their apartment in Brooklyn. The sun had just started to set and I found myself […]