Ben in the U.S.A

    PART1: I landed in Los Angles after the best flight I’ve ever had! At the terminal in Fiji about to board my flight to LA, I scanned my boarding pass and I got beeped by the machine. I was a little bit nervous but then the lady said […]

Renee in Cambodia

Cambodia: hot, humid, cheap, devastated by a very recent tragic history, phenomenally enriched with magnificent natural and cultural assets. A unique and unforgettable experience to say the least. My short-term GO Program experience took me to Cambodia in April, 2014. Ten USC students and three staff partook in this field […]

Sophie in New York!

It didn’t really sink in that I was living and studying in New York until one afternoon a few Norwegian girls that I had met at college (Adelphi University) took me to the rooftop of their apartment in Brooklyn. The sun had just started to set and I found myself […]

Jessica in Germany

Universitäet Mannheim//Mannheim//Germany//Semester Two in 2013 The Study Overseas Program has given me knowledge that I would not have received studying at USC. I experienced not only the German culture but the other cultures of the friends that I have made. It is a program that I would recommend to anyone because […]

Taya in New York

I’m so thankful for this amazing opportunity to study and live so close to my favourite place in the world. You cannot help but love New York City and its many people streaming like a river over the pavement, a billion feet, a billion footprints, step, step, step, continually pushing through […]

Kirra in North Carolina

Studying abroad at Elon in North Carolina was one of the best experiences I had while during my degree. University is quite different in the United States and there are so many opportunities that were offered to me while studying abroad. Particularly with their business and sports programs which directly […]

Melissa in Mexico

USC student Melissa, is currently studying on an exchange semester at one of USC’s partner universities in Mexico – Tec De Monterrey- Queretaro. This blog and her amazing photos, show the beauty of the people, landscape and architecture in Mexico and are a record of her travels through the region… […]


The USC experience cannot be read it has to be seen and felt….and USC International have the answer …. Top Up Down Under… is a series of videos, showing what student life at the University of the Sunshine Coast (USC) is all about. Throughout the series, you will be following Carina […]

Ashleigh in New York!

My experience so far studying abroad through the Study Overseas program has been indescribable, but I will try to paint a picture. After a 36-hour journey, I arrived at Buffalo international airport around 9pm, my fatigue slowly turning back into a bubbling excitement. I had finally made my dreams come true, […]

Jared Langmaid in Munich

One of my most memorable experiences was Waldfest, when translated means “forest fest” and is one of the many Bier festivals that take place near Munich during the summer break. I found myself dressed head to toe in a completely authentic Lederhosen drinking a traditional mass (1L beer) amongst the […]

Tehlia in Germany

The East Side Gallery, in my eyes was one of the most iconic aspects of Berlin. The amount of history and character that this one tourist attraction holds was definitely a highlight of my Deutschland experience. It never fails to astonish me where you can find a Kombi…shortly after arriving […]