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Melissa in Mexico

USC student Melissa, is currently studying on an exchange semester at one of USC’s partner universities in Mexico – Tec De Monterrey- Queretaro. This blog and her amazing photos, show […]

Stephanie in the USA

I was lucky enough to be accepted into Grand Valley State University. My time there will be one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. The campus and the […]

Hanna in Indonesia

After my intensive 6 week language course it was time for some relaxation. I wanted to visit the Island of Komodo where the world’s largest lizards live. It was no […]

Leela in Rio De Janeiro

USC student Leela, studied her GO Program semester in Rio De Janeiro – read all about her adventures at: The views in the above blog are entirely the author's […]

Shelby in Japan

In this photo you can see two young participants of the Jidai Matsuri (時代祭)while they were marching in the parade.  This festival is very famous in Kyoto (京都)and is one […]

Olivia in Germany

This photograph was taken during a annual festival in a Bavarian village called Sennfeld. I jumped at the chance to stay with a German family for the weekend and experience […]

Amelia in Germany

Everyday when going to university class, I was able to walk along the Weser and see this beautiful city of Bremen, Germany. -Amelia

Katie in Amsterdam

The ESN is one of the best things about studying at Hogeschool INHolland! It consists of a group of students (most of whom are Bulgarian, doing their whole degree in […]

Malcom in Sweden

The past few months have been an adventure, Perth, London, Paris, Copenhagen, Prague and now settled in at my new home in Halmstad, Sweden. It’s spring now and still bitterly […]

Brenton in Norway Video 2

One of the most memorable moments so far is having the opportunity to spend two days hiking on the Smørstabbreen Glacier It was in our first week of class! I […]

Brenton in Norway Video 1

It has been exactly a month since I arrived in Norway. I am on exchange here at in Sogndal at the Sogn og Fjordane University College. They have this really […]

Amy in the USA

  I’m doing my semester abroad at Louisiana State University in southern USA and I’m having the time of my life! Louisiana is known for their ‘southern hospitality’ because the […]

Guten Tag!

Excuse me if I write this with a touch of nostalgia, as back home it is currently Australia Day and today I am celebrating by having a German language exam. […]

Do the GO Program!

I am already half way through my six month stay in Japan and I don’t want to leave! I originally applied to go to Tokyo and was a little disappointed […]