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Category: Germany

Jessica in Germany

Universitäet Mannheim//Mannheim//Germany//Semester Two in 2013 The Study Overseas Program has given me knowledge that I would not have received studying at USC. I experienced not only the German culture but the […]

Jared Langmaid in Munich

One of my most memorable experiences was Waldfest, when translated means “forest fest” and is one of the many Bier festivals that take place near Munich during the summer break. […]

Tehlia in Germany

The East Side Gallery, in my eyes was one of the most iconic aspects of Berlin. The amount of history and character that this one tourist attraction holds was definitely […]

Felix from Germany: Rusty

Hey Guys, I hope you are all doing well? I feel great at the moment! Why? Well, despite the fact that I’m still in Australia, I also  enjoyed my 2 […]

Felix from Germany: G’day mates

G’Day mates, Squizz my new post, I reckon you will be stoked reading it! Otherwise I’ll spit the dummy and will be bloody spewin’! Did u get the meaning of […]