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Category: USA

Taya in New York

I’m so thankful for this amazing opportunity to study and live so close to my favourite place in the world. You cannot help but love New York City and its many […]

Kirra in North Carolina

Studying abroad at Elon in North Carolina was one of the best experiences I had while during my degree. University is quite different in the United States and there are […]

Jackson in Millersville Pennsylvania

  The Millersville University of Pennsylvania is large but also has a very beautiful campus! I began the semester in one of their largest downfalls of snow, it was just […]

I’emari from USA: Cultural Appreciation

Today I noticed that the feeling of being “Home Sick” was actually turning into appreciation and curiosity. This is because I began to have more of a deeper appreciation for […]

I’emari from US: new emotions

Upon my arrival, I was very nervous about what was in store. I knew that I was a person that could be very social but that was because I had […]