Janine Schulz from HS Stralsund studying at USC

Before I came here, I was really worried if studying abroad was the right decision for me. I had to leave all my friends and family behind in Germany, travelled all around the world, and yes, studying abroad also is a bit costly. So why should you do this?

Because it’s going to be the best experience of your lifetime!

Already on the first day, I got to know so many new people at the international barbecue from all over the world. I got to know people from Italy, Sweden, France, America and from Australia of course! And with most of the people, I became really close friends in such a short time!

Another amazing thing is that the USC is so centrally located and there are a lot of travel opportunities. I swam with Nemo at the Great Barrier Reef, visited the largest sand island, Fraser Island, surfed at Byron Bay and had lunch next to the Sydney Opera House. Where else can you do that? Added to that, the USC itself offers numerous activities- not just unlimited sports activities, but also social events such as Netflix and pizza nights or hiking trips.

But the best thing about studying abroad is that you really will change yourself in a positive way! Getting to know another culture will make you so much more open-minded, coping with challenges of all kind will make you stronger and you will definitely grow a lot as a person!

So for me, I can say, it was definitely the best decision to come here and I am so thankful for all the experiences I made here which I definitely will never forget!




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