Alexander Kaufeld from Flensburg University of Applied Sciences studying at USC

Since studying abroad for one semester is mandatory for my technical translation studies at Flensburg University of Applied Sciences I decided to make the most of it by not just doing one semester abroad but two. Conveniently my uni in Germany and USC had just agreed upon a double degree arrangement which allows me to graduate with a full Bachelor degree from both universities at the same time by studying just two semesters at USC during my studies in Germany.

USC campus is located in a nature reserve so there is heaps of wildlife that can be seen on and around campus like kangaroos and many different and exotic bird species native to Australia. The campus itself is very modern and overall gives of a very relaxing vibe, not just perfect for studying but also great for the much-needed breaks from studying where you can either just relax for a bit out in nature and watch the kangaroos or meet your friends in one of the many cafés and just socialise a little.

The lectures at USC are very well structured and the facilities like lecture theatres and computer labs are also very modern and offer easy 24-hour-access. Since most of the lectures are being recorded and can later be viewed online you have some leeway to study in a way that fits you the best. The tuts are usually held in small groups and have a very laid-back atmosphere. The tutors are very friendly and eager to support you with your efforts to successfully graduate classes. The teaching staff does in general engage with you on eye level.

Apart from the great studying opportunity Australia provided for me it is also a great place to live altogether. The climate is just great and offers tons of activities to distract you from your studies. The Sunshine Coast is a nice mix of rural and urban areas. You get the best of both worlds living here. Brisbane, one of the major East coast cities, is just an hour away and easily reachable by public transport. Or you can just get a car with some of the many friends you will make down here in no time and spend a weekend there. If you had enough of the city go climb the Glasshouse mountains that are just around the corner and offer easy hiking trails for beginners or proper mountain climbing for more experienced lovers of the outdoors.

If you, such as myself, are a fan of the sea go hang out at the beautiful beaches at Noosa or Byron Bay or take a trip to one of the islands around the Sunshine Coast like Fraser or Stradbroke. And don’t forget to bring your scuba diving gear. Australia offers some of the most beautiful diving spots in the world. Dive the former war ship HMAS Brisbane that has been sunken to function as an artificial reef just off the coast of Mooloolaba or go on diving trips with one of the many uni clubs.

Australia has so much to offer in so many aspects. It’s a beautiful continent for travelling especially. Enjoy the many different climate zones and landscapes that can be reached quickly and relatively cheap by plane. If you are a fan of a more European climate travel to Tasmania, if you want tropical heat and white beaches travel up north to Cairns or if you want to see the desert go on a trip to Alice springs and visit Uluru. Australia provides you with the unique chance to experience entirely different places and they are all located in the same country.

What are you still waiting for? Sign up for your studies at USC, start the adventure of your lifetime and make memories that you will still be talking about when you have grandchildren.


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