Alba Harkam Rodriguez from Spain studying abroad at USC Sunshine Coast

Hi everyone!

I spent one semester at USC and it felt like a few weeks! The education system here is completely different to the system in my country (Spain). Basically, all my subjects here were divided in three tasks, from exams to reports. That system makes goals more attainable. Most of the lecturers and the staff here support you with any problem or question that you have during all your stay.

One of the things at USC that surprised me the most is that there are kangaroos every day around the campus, they are used to being here and are not scared of the students. I was so happy to see them every week!

I was living in Australia before I started Uni because I did not have an English Certificate, so I had to obtain it to be able to enter Uni. For this reason, I was living in an apartment with friends from around the world that I already had before Uni started. It was such a great time, learning new things and meeting new people every day!

The Sunshine Coast is an amazing place to live, surrounded by many beautiful locations and beaches. It has a small airport that is super convenient for flying to the main cities in Australia. Noosa is only half an hour driving, which is an astonishing place to visit and live. Also, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Byron Bay are places perfectly accessible by car or bus (better always by car). There is so much to see and do around this place! In general, Australia has plenty of breathtaking landscapes, such as Fraser Island, Whitsundays or Uluru, it is a country not to be missed!

Live and study in the Sunshine Coast is undoubtedly one of the best experiences in my life. I can continue writing non-stop to explain how amazing this place is, but I prefer to say to you: come and see it with your own eyes and experience it on your own.

See ya mate!


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