Tayla in FH Kufstein, Austria


Tayla, reporting from Kufstein, Austria! Kufstein is a small, quaint town in the state of Tirol, Austria. I am here for the summer semester but when I first arrived I was welcomed by snow. This meant I had the opportunity to ski in the Alps, just 20 minutes away by bus! Now it is much warmer and I spend my days off at the local lakes, in the mountains or in the main town center sitting in the sun with a beer in hand.

The University, FH Kufstein, has a really good international program, all courses are in English and you have the opportunity to join regular courses with the local students. The University is quite new and small but it has a very friendly atmosphere, as everyone knows each other. Most students walk to the Uni and others bike, everything in the town is so close and convenient. There are always events on for international and regular students. They also offer a sports program, where you can do anything from football, basket ball, yoga, floorball (indoor hockey), self defence, zumba and indoor rock climbing to name a few. The Austrian people live a very active lifestyle, always outdoors and in the mountains. 

Kufstein is a perfect location to travel from, positioned in the center of Europe, only minutes away from the German border and one hour away from Munich, the birthplace of Oktoberfest. We went to Fruhlingsfest this weekend in Munich, which is like the Oktoberfest of spring.  You can expect the traditional Bavarian music, lederhosen, dirndls, bratwurst, massive pretzels, and drinking 1 litre beers inside a big top or outside in a beer garden.  This is the perfect way to experience the Bavarian way of life and culture, which is very similar to the Tyrolean culture of Austria. You can also travel a few hours from Kufstein and find yourself in countries such as Switzerland, Italy, Hungary, Slovakia, and Czech Republic. The whole of Europe is at your fingertips!

Studying at FH here in Austria is an amazing experience, especially coming from Australia, as it is so different to home. Most of the exchange students are European, Mexican or Chinese so you get to make all sorts of different friends and learn about many different cultures. If you want to discover something new, challenge yourself and travel with a purpose, come study at FH Kufstein, Austria!

Auf Wiederschauen, Tayla 

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