21 Things Only People Who Studied Abroad In Australia At The University Of The Sunshine Coast Will Understand

21 Things Only People Who Studied Abroad In Australia At The University Of The Sunshine Coast Will Understand

1. It was pretty hard to concentrate on actual class because this was basically your backyard.


2.These freakin’ birds are your enemy. They woke you up and begged for food.


3. You absolutely, 100%, went here:


4.  And totally took a picture like this:


5. And like this:


 Or this:


 6. You traveled to Whitsundays Airlie Beach to see views like this:


7. And then tried your hand at snorkeling, while hoping you didn’t see one of the millions of deadly animals Australia has.


8. Most of your time spent snorkeling was capturing photos like this:


 And like this


9. You signed up for surf school because ALL AUSTRALIANS SURF right?!


10. And probably fell 12 times for every time you stood up on the board.


 11. You bumped into these little guys on campus and took no less than 100 photos!


12. And when you went to your first barbecue, you learned that sandwich bread instead of buns is the only way to do it.

sausage in bread

13. You thought these guys were super cute until you got too close and got chased half way across campus


 14. You tried to understand cricket, but didn’t at all.


15. You didn’t ever eat Ben & Jerry’s because it cost approximately an arm AND a leg.
Ben & Jerry's

16. So you mostly stuck to the heaven that is Tim Tams.


17. You spent the majority of your Thursday nights at the Amazing Club “The Helm” A.K.A Fridays (Wharf Tavern)


18. You posed in front of the Opera House and thought about Finding Nemo.

 23.take2 sydney opera house

19. You developed a certain affinity for boxed wine because it was basically all you could afford.


20. And you even tried to develop a love for Vegemite… and failed miserably.


21. You only ever forgot to wear sunscreen once…because you never want to feel that pain again!

 Super Bad Sunburn

…And you know that studying abroad in Australia basically ruined your life because nothing else will ever compare.

Mooloolaba -  Sunshine Coast Sunset

* This concepts was based around BuzzFeed Blog by Lara Parker Posted on July 9, 2014. 

One comment

  1. The secret to enjoying Vegemite is to try only a little at first.

    The secret to enjoying cricket is don’t even try to understand.

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