Lee from South Korea: Strawberry picking

Hi, everyone.

Do you know how to get strawberries at a cheap price? Last week on a sunny day, I went to a strawberry farm to pick my own strawberry. It is just $5 for one container xD ye~

I’ve never been to a strawberry farm before and I had no idea what a strawberry tree? looked like. Now I know exactly how strawberries are produced. Not only is it cheap but also it is lots of fun picking strawberries with your friends.

This big container was just $5!! I think you saw the strawberry price in market. With a tiny little box, it usually take 3 dollars.. and it is not enough for me!! I want some and still have more strawberry for my dessert!

At the end of our time at the farm, I decorated with some flowers for fun ^^
I could not wait until I went back to my place oh~~~yum~~.

Picking the strawberries is not hard at all. Before the season has gone, you should visit the farm and..

Enjoy sweet fruits~^^;

One farm is located in Chevallam, there is another at Palm View near the Ettamogah Pub You can get to both by the Bruce Highway.

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