I’emari Grace from the US: first impressions

My name is I’emari Grace. I am from a small town called Eupora MS. I am very in touch with my southern roots and enjoy the life of being a Southerner. It was very different coming to USC in Australia.  Being from a small town, I was not exposed to a variety of other cultures and ethnicities. When I first arrived I thought that it would be difficult making friends and understanding others accents. I was hit with a big surprise when I arrived when I was the one that had the heavy accent. This was actually funny. I also made friends really fast. Everyone was very sociable and did not treat me differently because of my race. For I learned for the first time, that I am not my color but my culture and ethnic background. Growing up in a small town in Mississippi this was different because I only saw black and white. I have become more open minded and I am really enjoying the experience. This is something that I will never forget.

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